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Chuck Wagons

Chuck Wagon Set Up and Parking Information


  •  You may set up your tents after 1:00 PM Friday. Any tent that is set up prior 1:00 PM will be taken down by the Park.
  • All tents must be set up in the Finish line area.  Due to the rainy spring the island is very wet and unusable. 
    •  FINISH LINE - Facing the race course to the right of the Grand Stands and Gazebo on the brown gravel area.  The field will be marked out with spray paint lines to mark off where tents can be set up.  And, there will be blocks marked off where the tents should be set up to make for a formal setup. 
    • General Rules:
      • No tents will be permitted within 40 feet of the banks, as to not block sightlines. 
      • No tents should be set up in or near the gazebo, or anywhere near the streets.
      • Please leave the marked pathways clear of any equipment.  The paths are used for emergency vehicles and parks staff to clean up.
      • No team tents are permitted to the left of the finish line.
      • No vehicles will be permitted to access the field after 7:00 AM on Saturday morning for safety purposes.
        • Please set up in the designated marked locations for the duration of the event.
    • FINISH LINE - All Chuck Wagons will be parked on the brown gravel area along the street side of the field.  The wagons will be backed into each other allowing for early departure if needed.  Barricades and Park Staff will be there to direct you where to park.  The field will also be marked properly.
      • Enter at the dirt path leading to the Gazebo where you will see County Vehicles to direct you.
      • Unload your equipment at your site before setting up and then park the chuck wagon in the designated area.
      • When leaving you will head towards the start line (following the barricades and markings) to the gravel lot for a clean one way exit.